* Please note that you must be a WARHA Member to nominate for the High Point Buckle Series. 

Leadline Reining
Beginner Reiner 13 & under
Beginner Reiner 14 & older
Introductory Reiner (Para)

Points System

Points are calculated by the number of entries in a class.

For example: where a class has 5 riders, the winner will receive 5 points down to the person who placed 5th, who will receive 1 point.

Introductory Reining

You will receive points so long as you are a WARHA Member and received a score in your run.

Green Reiner Level 1
Green Reiner Level 1 (Para)
Green Reiner Level 2
Prime Time Non Pro
Limited Non Pro
Novice Horse Non Pro Level 1

Novice Horse Non Pro Level 2

Rookie Level 1
Rookie Level 2
Non Pro

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