​The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) defines 15 reining patterns. Each pattern is a variation on a set number of required maneuvers including large fast circles, small slow circles, spins in both directions, flying lead changes, roll backs, sliding stops, and backup.

About the patterns

​1. The following patterns are to be worked as stated, not as drawn. The drawn pattern is just to give the general idea of what the pattern will look like in the arena.

2. Markers will be placed on the wall or fence of the arena as follows:
(I) at the center of the arena.
(II) at least 15 meters from each end wall.

3. Where designated in the pattern for stops to be beyond a marker, the horse should begin his stop after he passes the specified marker.

4. Each pattern is drawn so that the bottom of the page represents the end of the arena entered by contestants and must be run as such. In the event
that an arena has only one gate and it be in the exact middle of the side, that side shall represent the right side of the page the pattern is drawn on.

5. All horses will be judged immediately upon entering the arena and judging will cease after the last maneuver. Any fault incurred prior to the commencement of a pattern will be scored according to the Rules of Judging.

6. All judges' decisions are final.

7. With the exception of Entry Level Ride & Slide Level 1 classes, the following patterns are the only patterns to be used at NRHA events. NRHA Green Classes should use NRHA patterns but simple lead changes are allowed.