​Interested in reining? Now what? You probably want to try some things out with your own horse. But where to start. Find some good ways to start training your horse below.


A good way to start your reining career is to go and see what it is all about. Have a look at some of the shows to give you an idea of the level of riding and the sport in general. Then give it a go yourself. Take your horse to one of the clinics. Don't be shy; we are a fun bunch of people who don't mind helping you out. We all started where you are now.

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Trainers / Lessons

​Prefer a one on one situation instead of a clinic? Check out one of these trainers:

Kevin Harrison

Neerabup WA

0417 470 748

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Training DVD's

One of the best training DVD's in the market is the Andrea Fappani series. This 3 million dollar rider shows you how he trains his 2 year olds. The series outlines rider mistakes, horse problems and mistakes, trouble shooting and tips for success. It covers critical, in depth reining training techniques. Have a look at the website for  more training tips as well.